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Lots of interesting conmemts here, but not too many answers. Let me at least TRY to get at what you're looking for.This may well have to do with the fact that unlike yourself, I am 53 years old and was THERE for the beginnings of rock and roll; before the Beatles, before Elvis.In those days, the ONLY rockers playing guitars were men. In the early days of rock, much of society looked down on these brave souls and called them degenerates and rebels who played the devil's music. Now if that's what they thought of the men, you can onlly imagine what they might have thought of women doing the same thing! Keep in mind, we're talking about the days where DAD not MOM drove the family car, brought home the paycheck and did all those things that so many considered men's work. One woman I can think of immediately who was active during those years was Mary Ford but hey! she was with Les Paul so it was okay.In any case, it's unfortunate that this discrimination has continued, but here in Minnesota (US) it's at least getting better. I've learned how to command the attention of the male salespeople in guitar shops, mainly by playing circles around many of them. Learn all the stupid riffs that boys play over and over again and make them seem effortless. Stairway to Heaven is a perfect example. I am the only female guitarist I know who can play the WHOLE song, not just the intro. Now I play fingerstyle jazz and let me tell you, it knocks the socks off the boys in the band
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