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  Luis (VXeBG3CUvNb, 1b5GOwUudE)
   05/07/2013 um 17:15
TraXXXtar / 18. Dezember 2011a bit risky doing this style of a song,but just like stereo love, detsination unknown and alors en dance he nailed the great melody of the lone violin and it makes it sound so beautiful and i can only hope i hear this on the radio a lot more. if he makes more songs like this he could have a fanbase as big as justin beibers lol it would be great if you worked in some female vocals, and i could only dream that those vocals could be made by wynter gordon, dragonette or dare i say katy perryAntworten
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   26/07/2012 um 14:19
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  Abhishek (DENfJyHWtMDvUq, qrtAkckIgPbvdtoQduR)
   10/02/2012 um 20:20
Lehrreicher Blogpost. Bereichernd, wenn man das Thema auch mal aus einer aerednn Perspektive betrachten kann.
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